Dear friends,

Beginnings are exciting times. While the Space Coast Symphony has been an active participant in the Brevard cultural community for seven years, the beginning of a new season always generates fanciful anticipation. A new beginning, with the opportunity to change, to improve, is a welcomed benefit that each new season brings.

The volunteer team supporting the Space Coast Symphony is seeking dedicated people with office and behind-the-scene skills to enhance the business oriented necessities of the orchestra’s mission. If your love of music inspires you to action on its behalf, consider joining our group of loyal volunteers. As a doting “foster parent” of our still fledgling symphony orchestra, you will experience great pride in being an important participant in the successes of the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra.

We need your help! There are many sorts of tasks requiring volunteer attention. Patrons questions regarding concert appearances of the orchestra, phone responses, mailings, website updates, planning of fundraising events, program publishing, liaison meetings with other cultural entities, music library maintenance, and post concert receptions are just a few of the needs for volunteers to accomplish thereby promoting the well being of our symphony orchestra.

If you have time and supportive talents to share, you can contact us by phone at (855)252-7276, extension 4.

The Space Coast Symphony office is located in The River House, 219 North Indian River Drive, Cocoa.  Our mailing address is Space Coast Symphony, PO Box 237646, Cocoa, FL 32923.

With Sincere Thanks,
The Space Coast Symphony Volunteer Family