Officers & Executive Committee

Jeremy Hickman, President
Jennifer Royals, Vice President
Mary Seal, Vice President 
Eric Hoover, Secretary

Board Members at Large

Connie Maltby
Audrey White

Governance and Oversight

Subject to the powers granted to the Executive Committee, the business and affairs of the Association shall be supervised by the Board of Directors. Directors are intended to assist the Association and its staff in fundraising, promotional activities and other areas as determined by the Executive Committee and serve on the committees to which they are assigned. In addition to other granted powers, the Board of Directors shall have the sole power to: Adopt the budget and approve the auditor; Approve changes to the Charter and Bylaws; Approve mergers, acquisitions or sale along with distribution of assets; Fill vacancies and elect or remove Board and Executive Committee Members and Officers.

The Associate Board is a regular committee of the Association with purpose to identify, engage and develop future leaders and supporters for the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra. The Associate Board membership as a body may participate in Board of Directors meetings at the discretion of the Board of Directors but has no voting powers.