Your SCSO is dedicated to enriching the lives of young people by providing exposure to orchestral music while reinforcing core curriculum standards.  Children already love music. With smartphones and other devices, they rarely leave home without it! They’re willing to stand in line for hours for their favorite artists, as loyal concertgoers. They have discretionary time, not to mention heaps of natural ability and unlimited artistic potential to play, and play well.  Yet youth are still relatively unexposed and remain the untapped market in the world of classical music. And, ironically, they hold the future of great orchestral music in the palm of their hands.

We at the Space Coast Symphony recognize that orchestras around the world music evolve to engage new generations.  Once we reach them, they are our most receptive participants. Your SCSO is committed to transforming the classical music experience into a youthful medium, where children and teens don’t replace their pop music with Mahler, but add him to their playlists.

Some of our education opportunities are described below:

The FAMILY CONCERT is designed to bring children and parents together in an inspiring and entertaining atmosphere. These interactive events feature fun pre-concert activities, interactive themed performances, and free activity guides for additional musical engagement at home.

CHILDREN’S CONCERTS are the ideal way to expose students in grades 1 – 3 to a variety of musical styles. They familiarize students with the environment and traditions of a concert hall, equip them with fundamental musical vocabulary, and cultivate a lifelong interest in classical music.

The SHOULDER TO SHOULDER concert is an opportunity for high school music students, grades 9 – 12, to perform alongside the musicians of the Space Coast Symphony Wind Orchestra. The purpose is to train emerging, serious talent and immerse them in challenges and nuances of performing in a professional environment.

ONCE UPON AN ORCHESTRA features musicians from one of the four families of musical instruments (strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion). These kid-sized chamber concerts enhance a child’s development as a life-long learner, cultivating skills such as problem solving, making connections, focus and self-regulation, perspective, persistence and self-directed, engaged learning.

Having professional musicians in the school environment provides richly interactive learning opportunities.  Your Space Coast Symphony musicians are proud to support area educators through a variety of classroom-based experiences.

Would you like a musician to visit your class and demonstrate his/her instrument? Would you like your students to have a master class?  Or do you have your own idea of how you might leverage a musician to enhance your classroom objectives?  Contact us to request a Space Coast Symphony Orchestra Musician.  Contact us at (855) 252-7276.