Our musicians come from all corners of the state. Some hosts have already volunteered to offer a room or rooms to our musicians! Typically, we are in need of approximately fifteen accommodations per concert. The expense of providing a place for our musicians to stay is lessened with your generous donation to host a musician or musicians. If you have a spare room, guest house or other accommodations that you would be willing to share for a few evenings around concert time, your help will save your SCSO over $50,000 every year. Most importantly, this is a great opportunity to get to know the musicians of your SCSO. It is a wonderful opportunity to support the Symphony and meet new people. Many of our hosts consider “their” musicians as great friends! Thank you in advance for your consideration to help your SCSO and our musicians.

If you are interested in hosting a musician for our concerts this season, please contact our host home coordinator, Carol by emailing her at g.schak@hotmail.com at your earliest convenience.



Judy Blankenship
Lee Bohlmann
Rhoda Bosley
Pat Bryant
Judy Chubb
Ardis & Ron Connor
Kathy Corcoran
Ron & Judi Davis
Jeanne Day
Virgil Gfeller
Jeremy Hickman
Jackie Hitzig
Ronald & Karen Huebner
Eric Lee
Kimberly Kallo
David Kimball
Bill & Katherine Knall
Hannah Mann
Donita Main
Helma Mezey
Arthur & Andrea Mellon
Kathleen Meindl
Cheryl Mendelsohn
June Mikell
Myla Outlaw
Jan Petersen
Tom Rhodes
Georges & Carol Schak
Ingrid Schultz
Robert Sielski
Marilyn Spivey
Erinn Stranko
Patricia Sullivan
Shirley Tourigny
Linda Vincent
Doris Walton
Lock & Suzanne Young
Valter & Marianne Zarenczanski