Michael Hall

Maestro’s On Air is the SCSO’s audio podcast, a discussion of culture, news events and life on the Space Coast, and highlights the music, concerts, and personalities of the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra.

Episodes are typically recorded at the Pique Velocity studio in Brevard County on Central Florida’s Atlantic coast.

This time on Maestro’s on Air, we leave the studio and record our first episode on the stage at the Scott Center in Melbourne during setup for the recent Bach, Haydn & Mozart concert.

Jeremy Hickman has a one-on-one interview with Guest Conductor Michael Hall, music director of  the Kennett Symphony in Pennsylvania.

Also featured are recorded segments of Bach, Mozart & Haydn from that day’s concert.

Listen to “A Change of Venue”

Episodes can be streamed live from  the link above, via MaestrosOnAir.com or downloaded from iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.