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Favorite Quote:
"Glockenspiel, I need more Tinkerbell!" - Aaron Collins

Favorite composer(s) to listen to?

Favorite composer(s) to perform?
Michael Daugherty

Random Fact:
I've been trained to make the perfect scrambled eggs, French style. If you wake up at my house, you are in for a treat.

If you could blink your eyes and be in a favorite place right now, where would it be?
Siesta Key Beach - I grew up there.

Roy Clement was born on Maxwell, Air Force Base in Alabama in 1990, then quickly moved to and was raised in the fabulous town of Sarasota, Florida, where he was raised by mermaids.

An extremely unattractive and overweight child, Roy used learned to tap into his inherited ability to make people laugh to gain acceptance from others. Over the horribly insecure adolescent years, Roy cultivated this ability, at the expense of looking cool, to make friends and family.

In the 5th grade, he tried out for the music program but was told he had no natural musical ability.  In 6th grade, due to low attendance, he was given a chance in the trumpet section, where he persistently sat in last chair due to being a year behind and well, not being good at the trumpet.  7th grade came, first day of band and the Band Master, the incomparable Bernard Rightmyer, held up the glorious and exotic French horn.  Four years of the horn followed attending All-County and then moving to the least Arts Friendly county in Florida (which is hard to do) Citrus County.

After attending an impromptu visit to and All-State convention in Tampa, he heard the top Symphonic Band 1986 perform Pines Of Rome under Col. John Bourgeois. Twenty minutes of ugly crying, he had the realization that this was his path in life. He watched the glockenspiel player and was bewitched. He had to figure out a way to do this, and Citrus County’s music program was not the way to go.

He then sought out a Percussion teacher, auditioned for All-State and was in the top orchestra six months later. Followed by the top spot a year later and a scholarship to his Mother’s Alma Mater Florida State University with a handsome scholarship as a Percussion Performance Major.  Here he had the opportunity to explore other instruments in various ensembles: Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, English horn, Saxophones, Trombone and Harp.

He completed his degree in 1996,  at six years old(ahem). He moved to San Francisco and began his love affair with fine foods and wines, leaving music behind, briefly.  Feeling the pull back toward music and Florida, he moved home to Central Florida and joined several local musical ensembles on various instruments. He then regained his love of performing and, through friends, found the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra.

He is currently the acting Principal Percussionist and “last choice” Harpist for the group.    He currently resides in Winter Park, Florida, works in fine food and wines and is fortunate to be blessed with a loving, tolerant family, who supports him unconditionally, to say the least.